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A(serious) game which simulates the complexity of life in the slums, the scarcity of resources, how to deal with them and prevent escalation of conflict.

What is it?


When playing the Geth2o board game players are challenged how to deal with corruption, crime or water shortage. Facilitate the game and lead related discussions in youth groups, schools, community centers, wherever possible. Teach experientially how to cooperate or mutually support each other to build and maintain a sustainable environment. Engage them in discussion about issues of conflict or resource management with the Geth2o board game. Will they find strategies to prosper?


With this the game provides an engaging, self-reinforcing context in which to motivate and educate the players or create awareness about the real life situations.


While playing the game you are faced with the dynamics of conflict and have to choose solutions for destruction or peace. Vital resources are scarce. Conflicts arise. It represents the difficult choices one has to make in a real life situation, when challenged with houses getting razed, the river becoming polluted and corruption being rife.