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A(serious) game which simulates the complexity of life in the slums, the scarcity of resources, how to deal with them and prevent escalation of conflict.


GetH2O is a serious games about peace building. Fun games based on real life situations, with an educational purpose. At first a multiplayer board game was co-created by a team of young Kenyans with designers from butterfly Works and Mamabits. Next, the game was translated into a single player mobile version. Mobile phones are incredibly popular in Kenya and Uganda especially among the youth.

Educational grounding

We see Kenyan Youth as change agents and want to bring a message into their communication environment by emphasizing and showing solutions to daily life challenges and conflicts. By this positive modeling and creative thinking it is our aim to foster solution-finding mechanisms through reflection.

Peace building

Young people are particularly vulnerable to crime and violence, both as victims and perpetrators.

The games are part of a larger Peace building movement. The tactical board game exists alongside an e-learning environment, called Sambaza Peace. The board game is integrated into its curriculum.

Making of

GETH20 was conceived and designed through a series of co-creation workshops in Amsterdam and Nairobi.

Butterfly Works design team, NairoBits design team and students, alumni, youth workers, teachers, parents, police and government representatives

The game concept and dynamics which were developed were first prototyped and tested as a board game and later translated into a mobile game.

Concept development group:

Co-creation process lead: Butterfly Works and NairoBits

Visual design and art direction: Butterfly Works

Game play design: based on board game play: Joris Dormans

Educational design: Butterfly Works, NairoBits

Testers & feedback group: NairoBits alumni

Promotion Team: NairoBits alumni

Board Game publishers in Netherlands: 999 Games, Netherlands

Board game production and sponsoring: LUDO FACT, Germany

Mobile game programming: The Saints, Netherlands

NairoBits is a digital design school for young people from the informal settlements of Nairobi, Kenya.

Butterfly Works is a social design studio working for a better world, based in Amsterdam and working globally.

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